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Tuesday, 07 February 2006


In December 2005, the Howard Government introduced legislation to amend the Defence Act 1903 to allow the Australian Defence Force to be called out in the event of a terrorist attack. The Defence Legislation Amendment (Aid to Civilian Authorities) Bill 2005 would provide powers and protections for the Defence Force personnel during callouts, including powers to search and seize and to use force in specified circumstances.


The Bill would also allow Defence personnel to be deployed to protect "critical infrastructure" and allow them to shoot to kill to protect that infrastructure. It would also give them soldiers who commit a crime a new defence: that of obeying an order.


The Bill was referred to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee for inquiry and report. AMCRAN made a submission to the Inquiry outlining our concerns and also appeared at the hearing before the Committee.

For more information about the Inquiry, and to download the report that was tabled on Tuesday 7 February 2006, visit the Committee website.


AMCRAN's submission may be downloaded here.


The Committee report was released on 7 February 2005.

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