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Sunday, 22 July 2007


Mohamed Haneef is facing charges of recklessly supporting a terrorist organisation.

A Muslim civil rights advocate says the handling of the case of the Gold Coast doctor Mohamed Haneef has confirmed the Muslim community's worst fears.

Haneef is facing charges of recklessly providing support to a terrorist organisation involved in the recent UK attempted car bombings.

In Brisbane last Saturday, the court was told that Haneef's SIM card was found in the car that was driven into Glasgow airport.

But the ABC has been told by sources in the UK and Australia that the SIM card was first seized by police eight hours later, when his cousin Sabeel Ahmed was arrested in Liverpool.

Dr Waleed Kadous from the Australian Muslim Civil Rights Advocacy Network says the fears felt by Muslims date back to the introduction of the counter-terrorism legislation last year.

Dr Kadous says the Haneef case has left many thinking "there but for the grace of God go I".

"[It was] every Muslim's fear that this could happen to him," he said.

"They can imagine being in the same situation as Haneef was in, that they left a SIM card with a relative before leaving country and then something happens a year later.

"They can imagine borrowing money from someone and paying the loan back, these are not unusual things."


ABC News 

21 July 2007

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