Joint letter to Attorney-General urging review of anti-terror laws 2005 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 31 August 2005


In the weeks leading up to the announcement of new counter-terrorism measures in August 2005, there was a lot of discussion about strengthening Australia's anti-terror laws regime, for example, broadening Australia's deportation laws, introducing an identity card, and suggestions of a new offence "indirectly inciting violence".


The Public Interest Advocacy Centre and Joo-Cheong Tham at the University of Melbourne coordinated a joint request to the Attorney-General Phillip Ruddock urging that no further infringement on civil and other human rights be introduced until at least a review of the existing anti-terrorism laws has been conducted as required by law.


This letter was signed by a number of groups including Australian Lawyers for Human Rights, Amnesty International, National Association of Community Legal Centres, Islamic Council of NSW, Islamic Council of Victoria, Civil Rights Network, and AMCRAN.


To download a copy of the letter, click here.


To download a copy of the press release, click here.

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