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Friday, 18 June 2004


Various media outlets have covered the Open Letter that AMCRAN coordinated. In particular, the effort was covered in The Age and the Herald Sun


Muslims write to MPs about fears on laws


Australia's Muslim communities have sent an open letter to all federal MPs, asking them not to pass amendments to anti-terrorism laws.


They say the proposed legislation has "the hallmark of the totalitarian states that many Muslim Australians fled from, seeking sanctuary in Australia".


The letter, signed by the leaders of 28 Muslim organisations, suggests the legislation has unfairly targeted Muslims.


The mere accusation of terrorism is enough for all the usual standards of fairness to be discarded, the letter says.


"By enacting these laws and applying them in such an unjust manner, our Government has instilled fear in the Muslim community."


It was unacceptable that Muslims should feel isolated and alienated by "a Government that has demonstrated a contemptuous attitude towards Muslims and towards the civil liberties of all Australians".


Barney Zwartz, Melbourne
The Age, June 16, 2004


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