Letter to Editor: Senator Hill and Interrogations Print E-mail
Saturday, 19 February 2005


Dear editor,


Senator Hill (SMH, Feb 16) claims, quite correctly, that the distinction between an "interview" and "interrogation" is that interrogation involves duress.

An example of duress might be: if someone was incarcerated for one week merely on the basis that they might "know something"; being subjected to 24 hours of questioning; being told that their refusal to answer a single question could see them imprisoned for five years; or even mentioning that the interrogation took place could also earn them five years in prison.


In the last three years, the Howard government has pushed through a confusing array of 20 bills giving all these powers -- and more -- to ASIO. By ASIO's own admission, at least three people have been interrogated in this manner in the last year.


Shouldn't all Australians have the same rights that we are told Iraqi prisoners have?


Unpublished letter to the Sydney Morning Herald on 17 February 2004. 

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