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Monday, 07 June 2004


Within 48 hours of Bilal Khazal being granted bail on 2 June 2004 after he was arrested and charged for allegedly collecting or making documents to facilitate terrorist acts, the NSW Parliament passed the Bail Amendment (Terrorism) Bill 2004 to reverse the presumption of bail for terrorism-related offences, facilitating the anticipated appeal by Crown Prosecutors. 


AMCRAN analysed the Bill and penned an Op-Ed criticising the reversal of the presumption of bail for terrorism offences.  AMCRAN also sent out a press release, saying that then bail law changes were "knee-jerk law-making of the worst kind".  This received some media coverage


In parliamentary debate about the Bill on 3 June 2004, AMCRAN's interview AM were quoted by Ms Lee Rhiannon in arguing that the Bill is unnecessary. A transcript of the debate in NSW Parliament is available here.


The Bill was assented on 4 June 2004. The text of the amended Bail Act 1978 is available here.

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